There Are No “Happy Endings” Here…

There Are No “Happy Endings” Here…

We were inspired by the ‘me too.’ movement and the article, 22 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Massage Therapist from Buzzfeed to shed light on what happens during a massage. We take great pride in the professionalism provided by our service providers and we expect the same from others who visit us for a massage or any other service. It’s time we educate others on what happens during a massage at our spa, increase awareness of the inappropriate behavior that may occur at other spas, but is not tolerated at AgeLess SPA, and protect our massage therapists from the inappropriate behavior.

Massage may not be for everyone, but often times we hear reasons why people won’t get a massage, and we realize their reasons tend to stem from the lack of education of massages. One of the most common responses we hear is how people think they’re going to be touched. This is why it’s important to note every single one of our massage therapists completed an intensive massage curriculum and are licensed to treat pain related concerns. A massage therapist’s mission is to help improve your quality of life by preventing or decreasing pain using a variety of massage modalities; not give a “happy ending” (if you know what we mean).

Additionally, based on the article from Buzzfeed, it’s clear some people perceive massage therapists as someone who would give them a “happy ending.” However, many of these occurrences are from the eyes of massage therapists across the pond where the culture is different, but we are aware it can happen anywhere. It’s not often one of our massage therapists experiences a client displaying inappropriate or suggestive behavior during a service, but in the event, it does occur, our massage therapists are expected to stop the massage the moment they realize a client is acting inappropriately, leave the room, and alert management.

So, what happens during a professional full body massage by a licensed massage therapist at AgeLess SPA?

First, your massage therapist will consult you on your needs (e.g., neck pain or lower back pain) privately in the massage room. After the consultation, they will step out of the room so you can undress to your level of comfort, and lay face down under the blanket on the massage table. It’s important to note that you stay under the blanket at all times except when your therapist is working on a certain area, like the back or legs, and will appropriately drape the blanket to expose those areas.

After a few minutes of getting settled, your massage therapist will come back in to make sure you are comfortable, and the massage will begin. Typically massages start at your neck and end at your feet, featuring hot towels and/or heating pads, but it depends on what you talked about in the consultation and your massage therapist’s unique modalities.

Most importantly, when getting a massage, you need to communicate with your therapist. They need to know if it’s too much pressure or not enough, and if you do or don’t like the particular modality they’re using, so don’t be afraid to kindly speak up at any point during the massage. You are in control of your body and they need to know your needs and feelings to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. This how you will get the most out of your time, money, and overall wellness experience.

It’s our mission to give you the wellness experience you deserve, but we can guarantee you won’t find a “happy ending” here. However, if you’re looking for help with lower back pain, tension headaches, muscle soreness, relaxation, or anything else massage can help with, our licensed professionals will gladly assist you and work on helping you feel your best.

AgeLess SPA Goes Green

AgeLess SPA Goes Green

At AgeLess SPA, we not only care about your overall wellness, but we also care about the overall wellness of the environment. That’s why we created our “AgeLess SPA Goes Green” program, which kicks off on Earth Day (April 22), in an effort to help eliminate waste in the environment. The best part? This is an opportunity for you to not only join in on our efforts but to save a little money! Simply bring in your empty Image Skincare bottles or containers to any AgeLess SPA location in the Finger Lakes region and you will receive 10% off the total of your next Image Skincare purchase.

Here’s how it works:

  • Once you’ve used up the product in your Image Skincare bottle or container, give it a rinse and bring it into any AgeLess SPA location
  • Bring in as many Image Skincare bottles or containers to receive a 10% discount on the total of your next Image Skincare purchase that day
  • We will accept any Image Skincare bottle or container regardless of where you purchased it
  • We will then take all of the bottles and containers and recycle them!
  • It’s that easy!

So if you love Image Skincare and the environment as much as we do, we encourage you to go green with us and bring in those Image Skincare bottles!

Be sure to take a picture or selfie and tag us in it with #AgeLessSPAGoesGreen! We’ll be reposting your pictures!


How The Founders of AgeLess SPA Adjust to Daylight Saving Time

How The Founders of AgeLess SPA Adjust to Daylight Saving Time

Ahh, it’s that time of year again where we spring forward and lose an hour of sleep, which makes it hard to adjust to our day. But what if we didn’t let Daylight Saving Time (DST) ruin our routine while we adjust to the time change where it feels like we never get back that hour of sleep until we set our clocks back in the fall?

The founders, Michael and Michelle Cilip, of AgeLess SPA don’t let Daylight Saving Time affect them at all, though, and they can’t really have those kinds of hiccups with running a small business that is growing at an exceptional rate. So how exactly do they not let Daylight Saving Time get the best of them? The answer is quite simple.

The Cilips follow a certain trick that they got from SomnoMed, which includes making a plan, regulating your sleep pattern, staying conscious of your physical activity, creating an environment to sleep in, and avoiding the clock when it’s time to sleep. Find out more details below on how the Cilips follow this simple trick!

According to SomnoMed, the first step to do is plan on starting your adjustment to Daylight Saving the Saturday before Daylight Saving Time. This means to modify when you wake up and go to sleep by 15 minutes increments until Daylight Saving Time occurs. Once DST occurs, you will just have to wake up at your usual time or earlier, and already feel adjusted, as noted by SomnoMed.

The second step to follow is regulating your sleep pattern, according to SomnoMed. It’s important to make sure you go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, including weekends. SomnoMed also suggest taking a nap for at least 20 minutes if that is an option for you and does not affect your sleep pattern at night if you are feeling very tired and feel you need more sleep.

The third step to follow is to have at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise, like walking outside when the sun is still out, about three times a week to help you sleep at night, according to SomnoMed. However, it’s important that this exercise takes place in the afternoon and not the evening before you go to sleep to not completely mess up your sleep pattern, according to SomnoMed.

The fourth and one of our favorite steps is to create a sleep environment you genuinely enjoy being and sleeping in, according to SomnoMed. It’s important to make sure the your room is dark and you have tools to drown out the outside light and noises. SomnoMed suggests using ear plugs, a white noise machine, or an eye mask. Additionally, SomnoMed suggests keeping your room between 60-75 F for a comfortable temperature to sleep in. And mostly importantly, SomnoMed suggests unplugging from the social media world and anything that has to do with electronics an hour before bed to unwind before you go to sleep (we might have to make this a habit for the rest of the year and not just for DST!)

Lastly, we know this may be hard for some people who tend to look at the clock, but SomnoMed suggests avoiding the clock and if you are unable to sleep then pick up a book or journal (not your smartphone or electronic device) to help you relax your mind to help you sleep.

The Cilips find this trick from SomoMed to be quite effective and they swear by it for when it’s time to start getting ready for a time change, so we hope this also helps you with your overall wellness needs!

Find more in-depth details on ways to adjust to Daylight Saving Time from SomnoMed here.

Our Favorite Fall Products

Our Favorite Fall Products

Our Favorite Fall Products

With the weather shifting from warmer to cooler, we know it can surely have an impact on your skin. We’re always getting questions about what products to use with each season, so we knew we had to do something to help you keep your skin at its best all season long. The only problem we faced when making this list was we literally love everything Image Skincare and bareMinerals offers, so choosing four products/collections was a little hard, but we put our heads together and created a short and sweet list of our favorite go-to fall products just for you!

IMAGE Skincare’s Vital C Collection

When transitioning into a fall skincare regimen, we always come back to the Vital C collection by Image Skincare, no matter the season, simply because of the hydration it offers. It keeps our skin hydrated, it’s perfect for morning and evening regimens, a little bit goes a long way, and it’s great for all skin types. The shift in the weather is going to dry out your skin, but with Vital C, you’ll worry less about it and get to enjoy more of everything fall offers. 

bareMinerals Foundation

We can’t live without our bareMinerals foundations! We love to opt for a natural look most days while keeping our skin healthy. From mineral to liquid, there’s something for everyone. bareMinerals offers a serum foundation, not liquid, while the Complexion Rescue has a mousse like feel and is perfect for a natural weekend look or the girl on-the-go!

IMAGE Skincare’s Ormedic Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement

We were obsessed when Image Skincare introduced this earlier in the year, and we’re still obsessed now! With a light pink tint, it goes perfectly with an everyday natural look while helping our dehydrated lips.

IMAGE Skincare’s I Beauty Brow and Lash Enhancement Serum

This serum got an upgrade from being used on just lashes to lashes AND brows! We couldn’t believe the results we saw in such a short amount of time. It’s designed to create fuller, longer, and healthier lashes.


For more information on these products, please visit an AgeLess SPA location near you to consult with a highly trained professional esthetician to achieve best results for your skin type.

Do you have any fall favorites that we may have left out? Let us know in the comments below!

Are you a home-bound patient?

AgeLess LLC Integrative Medical Spa

Video MD Appointments

Are you a home bound patient?


AgeLess, LLC Integrative Medical Spa is now introducing Skype appointments for homebound patients.


At AgeLess, we are working to improve communication with all of our patients. With today’s technology, you can discuss your concerns or check in with the Doctor as if you were sitting in the office exam room from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Video conferencing appointments are designed with you in mind and the system is currently being tested by a few patients and individualized to have maximum benefits.

Currently, Skype is being used and has been found to be the most accessible program for the general population. However, you are not limited to just that one option if you are more familiar with another type of program. Face Time is also easily accessible for our office and has already been successfully used for brief video conferences with the Doctor. If you are not familiar or comfortable with any of the mentioned programs, there are a members at AgeLess that would love to help get you acquainted.

Contact the office to speak with an individual about getting set up with this program and hearing more details about when and how to request a Video MD appointment, how billing and insurance handles these type of appointments, what your options are for technology/programs, or any other questions/concerns you may have.

The Objective

  • Improve response time for patient questions
  • Increase convenience for the patient

The Opportunity

Video MD appointments are offered to homebound patients who otherwise would have a more difficult time getting into the office to see the doctor. You may meet the criteria to schedule appointments with the doctor via skype if you are;

  • Over the age of 65
  • Chronically ill/ impaired
  • College students
  • Disabled
  • Without transportation to the office
  • Out of town workers

We are working to create a reliable and consistent method of communication through today’s technology. After setting up an account and getting connected with the office on a contact list, you would first have to request a video conference appointment, explaining briefly what their issues are. This can be done by sending a written message directly on skype, logging onto patient portal and requesting an appointment or sending a brief email, or emailing one of the AgeLess employees. The office skype account name is listed as “AgelessVideoMD” with the AgeLess logo adjacent to the contact name.

Video MD Appointments

AgeLess is working to improve communication with patients. With today’s technology, video conferencing is possible.  The system is being accommodated to provide maximum benefits. Currently, Skype is being used at the office and has been found as the most accessible program but you are not limited to this option.

My name is Kayla Puglisi and I am a biomedical science major and a student intern for Dr. Cilip at Ageless Medical Integrative Spa. I am working with Dr. Cilip to put together a program in which he can video chat patients while they remain seated comfortably in their homes.

We are working to create a reliable and consistent method of communication that is up to date. After setting up an account and getting connected with the office on a contact list, patients would first have to request a video chat appointment, explaining briefly what their issues are. They can do this multiple ways as explained further in another post.

I have included some instructions on setting up a skype account. Your feedback will be valuable to the development of this program and will increase my insight of the general population of the patients at Ageless that are interested in video chatting.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new program, please feel free to contact me at


Using Skype with Windows PC;

Video MD

  1. Search for “Skype” in the search engine and click “download skype”
  2. When the option pops up, choose to save the file
  3. you will follow the step by step instructions on your computer to create your Microsoft account
  1. You can use an existing email account or create a new one to create a Microsoft
  2. On an Apple device, you can go to the app store and search and install the Skype account
  3. The server may ask you to type in a verification code., send this code as either a text message or an email and enter the code number when you receive it.
  4. You can sign into skype on the app using a skype account or your Microsoft account
  5. With all devices, be sure you give skype access to your camera and microphone
  6. Click the search icon and type in “ AgelessVideoMD“
  7. When the screen reads that there are no results in your contacts, you will choose the option to search skype
  8. The directory will come up with many profiles, choose the first one that reads

“VideoMD, US” with the brown Ageless logo

  1. Choose the option to add this profile to your friends, it should give you the option to send a contact request reading “Hello Video MD, I’d like to add you as a contact”
  2. Click the video icon to video chat this contact


If you are using an Apple product:

  • You will go to the app store and search “Skype”
  • Install the app
  •  Follow the same instructions to sign using your Microsoft account or sign in creating just a skype username
  • When searching to add the Ageless Video MD as your contact, you will click an inn with three  dots, probably around the bottom right hand corner and  a search engine will show up [ where you will ty[e I “AgelessVideoMD” just like you did for a Microsoft PC


If you are using an Android or tablet:

  • To get skype on an android device or tablet, visit “” and download skype from google-play
  • Note; you will have to approve the app permissions like with any other android applications.