Nails at AgeLess SPA

Please Note: It is a NYS regulation and an AgeLess Spa policy that a child under the age of 14 must have a parent/guardian present in the room during any spa service.

WaterLess Natural Nails

Looking for the most amazing manicure and/or pedicure in the Corning, NY area? Getting your nails done at AgeLess is an experience that is second to none. We are proud to offer WaterLess Natural Nails!

Why WaterLess Natural Nails?

Manicures Pedicures in Corning NYYour skin is designed to keep water out and vital fluids in. When your body soaks in water too long, your skin becomes bloated and exposed to water-borne bacteria. This can cause other bacteria and fungus to penetrate into the skin which reproduces in the crevices of the skin and nail bed. Infections from nail treatments do not come from nail products, they come from fungus on the skin and water-borne bacteria. These infections are a direct result of soaking the skin in water to the point of bloating and other damage.

Here at AgeLess SPA, we have eliminated water soaking in all of out treatments and instead we are focusing on the “Clean Technique”. Our Nail instruments are individually packaged and sterilized, allowing us to produce a superior cosmetic service with significantly lower infection rates than water cosmetic services.

Please note: You may also enjoy any of our nail services in your own private room unless otherwise requested.

AgeLess reserves the right to decline service when a condition exists that requires professional medical attention.

Please Note: Prices on our website are updated on an as-needed basis due to vendor contracts. However, please be aware that prices for services are subject to change at any time. Thank you for your understanding and continued business.”

Make a Payment

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AgeLess now offers you the ability to pay for your service in advance! Simply click the “Make A Payment” button. You may enter a specific dollar amount yourself OR pay for a specific service we offer. The choice is yours! You may even pay for a gratuity in advance if you’d like. You will receive an instant email or text receipt (or both) that you can bring with you at the time of your service!

Note: Advanced payments must be used in their entirety at the time of your service. We can NOT currently redeem only a portion of your payment.

A Mani/Pedi for my Mini:
Spoil your “Mini*” with a Mani/Pedi at AgeLess. This service is perfect for upcoming events and even great for a fun day out! Your Mini will enjoy nail filing and trimming, a lotion application and lastly a polish application of their choice!
Choose one style for $8.00 or both for $15.00.

* A “Mini” ages are 5 and under.

AgeLess Basic Manicure or Basic Pedicure
This express service will meet all of your hand and foot care needs in only a half hour! Geared towards Men or
Women that are on the go but need a little refresh to their hard working hands and feet! This service also offers filing and trimming with your choice of no polish, just a top coat, or a nail polish of your choice.

AgeLess Foot Maintenance
A service that is geared towards “foot care” and does not include any nail work. Designed to spoil your feet with a masque, lotion, steamed towels and reparative cream for cracked skin.

AgeLess Gel Manicure or Pedicure
This express service applies gel polish elegantly to your nails, leaving them glowing. Gel Polish has a thicker base than traditional nail polish, allowing it to last longer and not chip as quickly. In this service we include trimming, shaping, filing and the application of polish. Choose from a variety of colors to make your hands or toes the latest trend.
$35.00 – Gel Polish Only (Application to bare nail)
$45.00 – Gel Polish Removal and Application

AgeLess Hand Detail image

AgeLess Hand Detail
An upgrade from our AgeLess Polish Change, this waterless treatment adds in a gentle exfoliation from your elbows to you finger tips, with the inclusion of a soothing mask and hot steamed towels and completed with a gentle massage.

$40 – No Polish
$45 – Nail Polish
$50 – Gel Polish
$55 – Gel Polish Removal and Application

Image of AgeLess Foot Detial

AgeLess Foot Detail
Let our experienced Nail Technicians bring your feet back to life and make the beautiful. Here at AgeLess we and top our service off with hot steamed towels. We also will include foot warming booties and a revitalizing, gentle calf massage.

$40 – No Polish
$45 – Nail Polish
$50 – Gel Polish
$60 – Gel Polish Removal and Application

Hand & Foot Detail Package

AgeLess Hand and Foot Detail Package
Rain or shine and no matter the time of year, you can always enjoy the best of both worlds with our AgeLess Hand and Foot Detail Package. Spoil your hands and feet with this deluxe service and leave feeling relaxed and pampered. This spectacular service includes all of the fixings from our Hand and Foot Detailed services, plus two full hours of relaxation.

$65 – No Polish
$75 – Nail Polish
$90 – Gel Polish
$100 – Gel Polish Removal and Application

Gel Enhancements & Maintenance


Our AgeLess Gel Enhancements and Maintenance treatment is a healthy alternative treatment to acrylic nails. It leaves the nails durable and it helps to protect your natural nails, while reinforcing them as they grow to your desired length. Here at AgeLess we pair our Gel Enhancements with our great selection of OPI and LeChat Gel Polish. This simple treatment is perfect if you’re looking for something new and fresh and it will leave your nails feeling stronger and looking beautiful.

$65 – For initial Full Set Application
$45 – For a Fill (As necessary every 2 -3 weeks)
$5 – Per nail to repair a cracked or missing enhancement
$55 – For removal of gel enhancements