Omni Rollers

Omni Rollers

The Omni can be used in place of hand massage and even be used in a whirlpool or soothing bathtub. The key to the Omni is the unique “omni-directional” massage ball. The product can be simply cleaned using soap and water as needed.

Available in: Green, red, purple, blue or black.


Sports Massage: Warming up or cooling down for workouts
– Moderate pressure in conjunction with vigorous motion

Swedish Massage: “Traditional” massage
– Light pressure with long gliding strokes on the skin with additional circular kneading and
shaking motions.

Deep Tissue
– Deep compression and friction along the grain of the muscle

Pressure Point: applied to muscles or knots
– Hold on pressure point for 3-10 seconds

Reflexology: Massage used for the hands and feet
– Back and forth or static pressure on the base of the foot or palm of the hand